Traction Alopecia-What Symptoms Tell of It and How to Prevent

Generally, traction alopecia is a kind of hair loss condition that is largely caused by hairstyles that happen to be tightly pulled. When this condition is realized in time, it can be fully reversed and you can have your hair re-grow. But when allowed to progress for a long time, it may result in hair follicles getting damaged beyond repair and as such may result in permanent baldness.

In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the common causes of traction alopecia, treatments available and how to possibly prevent the condition. Read on and learn more on traction alopecia.

So what is traction alopecia? This is a condition of hair loss, as we have already seen mentioned above. It is caused mainly by hair being pulled in some same way for a long and sustained period of time. It is a condition that can affect just about anyone who wears their hair pulled back tightly, be it in the form of braids, ponytails or dreadlocks. Added to this, it is a condition that can as well result from the case of the same headwear being used in one fashion on a daily basis. For more info on microinjerto capilar treatments, go here.

This is looking at the fact that repeated strain on the hair strands can end up pulling the hair follicles and damaging them completely. As a result of the repeated strain, there will be redness, itching sensation and at some instances pus producing ulcerations and infections. The following are some of the common signs of traction alopecia to watch out for.

First and foremost, a receding hairline is one of the signs to watch out for as a sign of a condition of traction alopecia. This is more so that which happens to be typically around such areas as the forehead, temple and nape. The other symptom to know of is that of pimples that appear on the scalp area or at the base of your braids. If you notice redness and itching sensation, ulcers on the scalp, this is as well a sure sign of traction alopecia setting in.

Where you as well happen to have noticed that your hair parting has widened, then you better be on the lookout for a likelihood of traction alopecia being probable. There are various causes of this condition. Read more here on the causes and how to best deal with such a condition, preventive and as well certain remedies that may help you with hair re-growth if affected. Look up microinjerto capilar online for more on your options.

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